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    tedinkyyy said:

    Default Funky G - Ako želiš me SRB-->ENG

    Actually I understand almost the whole text but some parts seem unclear to me. And sorry if it's been already translated but I searched a lot and couldn't find it.

    Gledas me samo
    a znam da zelis mnogo vise
    da svoje srce
    poklonim tebi zauvek

    Oboje znamo da sve
    na ljubav sada mirise
    i sva zadrhtim kada smo sami
    jer volim te

    Ref. 2x
    Ako zelis me, to kazi jasno
    ako zelis me, ne reci ne
    ako zelis me, dok nije kasno
    pridji mi, odavde vodi me

    Gledam te samo
    bez daha cutim, a misli lude
    za reci nema mesta
    kad oci govore

    Oboje znamo
    zasto se ruke bas tebi nude
    i samo zele da tebe
    cvrsto zagrle
    Eins.. hier kommt die Sonne
    Zwei..hier kommt die Sonne
    Drei.. hier kommt die Sonne
    Ich hab' keine Lust.
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    Default Funky G - Ako želiš me

    If You Want Me

    You're just watching me
    and I know you want much more
    that you want me to give you
    my heart for good

    We both know that everything
    smells of love now
    and my entire body begins to shake when we're alone
    because I love you

    If you want me, say it clearly
    if you want me, don't say no
    if you want me, before it's too late
    come closer to me, take me away from here

    I'm just watching you
    breathless, in silence, and my thoughts are running wild
    there's no room for words
    when eyes are talking

    We both know
    why you're the one to whom my hands are offering themselves
    and all they want is to
    hug you tight