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    Default Usage of the word "über"

    I don't know whether or not you know but this word is slowly becoming a word (or an accessory word) in english. First the word was used by teenagers playing online multiplayer games, as a substitute for super so, I am super good at this game (not proper english by the way) became I am uber good at this game .

    And today I was watching the news and the newsperson used uber too. I don't remember exactly what was said but the words uber-rich and uber-poor (uber instead of very) was used.

    Just thought you would have a chuckle

    PS: I know there's an Umlaut there but it isn't used in english and since I am talking about english I don't need it
  2. raubhamster said:


    über actually means over/above/across etc. like: it's flying aboveground (es fliegt ÜBER den boden). so some users of mmorpg used it for something which is super, mega, the best... whatever. the german-jewish psychologist siegmund freud invented the word 'über-ich' (Super ego) ->,_superego,_and_id as the highest level of the human conscience. as you can see, the word über has got very much different meanings in german. hope that this was helpful