Ey kalbimin ağrısı
Ver elini
Çıkalım seninle
Bu karanlık uğultulu ormandan
İçimin acısı
Kalbimin ağrısı
The ache of my heart
Give me your hand
Let's get out of
this dark and roaring forest
The pain of inside of me
The ache of my heart
My love

İşte yine başbaşayız
İçimin acısı
Yine baş başayız ver elini
Ne olur incitme beni

Here we are alone again
The pain of inside of me
We are alone again, give me your hand
Keep silent
Don't you hurt me please

I translated this beautiful song by request from kokey, and also here is the link kokey gave me for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNgCR6Zoawc

Enjoy it!