The Albanian music (or Albanian chit-chat :))

Thread: The Albanian music (or Albanian chit-chat :))

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  1. BestOfAll said:


    i need an albanian that knows serbian to translate for me.... thank you
  2. pete0028 said:

    Red face Song lyrics in Albanian (or Shqiptar??)

    I'm not my any means Albanian, (or have any Balkan background/ancestry, whatever you want to call it). If anyone's curious, I'm Chinese Canadian, And I have a strong taste/preference in cultural, or i guess international music. And I have a big thing for Balkan music, specifically Albanian music. Just the style of it is so chilling!. I wanted to ask if anyone can help me translate these songs I found on youtube. These are my top three favourite. Like I ALWAYS always listen to them. But please keep in mind, these songs are from artists/bands that I don't think are well known (such as PONI, EVERYONE knows her!!). And so, if you happen to listen to songs from your parents as a kid, or if you happen to be an "old-timer" Albanian, or if you know these songs personally, I would REALLY appreciate it if you'd assist me with the lyrics!. These songs are sung by people called "Shkurte Fejza", "Resmie & Rifat Kidaj". But theres this ONE song that I REALLY want to learn! its NGA ARKIVI by Mihrije Braha? if thats how you spell it ( sorry for butchering the name!) if you type this in on youtube "MIHRIJE BRAHA - NGA ARKIVI I RTP-SE 1988" you can find the video!

    So again, I know it sounds like alot, but it would mean SO so much if anyone can help me get the lyrics for the songs! and as compensation, I will post a video or videos of me singing the songs! (or attempting to). So you get something out of it too if you help me!

    Thank You guys SO much!

    have an AMAZING day!

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    feuersteve said:


    This thread is so old, it's unfortunate that so may songs no longer exist on youtube. So much good music here. Thanks you all for posting on this thread.
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

    What if they gave a fire and nobody came.
  4. Arlind Komoni said:


    Hello, I'm Arlind from Kosovo. I'm a native Albanian. I just saw your forum and I love it. I saved a lot of translation from French to English. I'm a language freak, I can speak: Albanian, English, German, Spanish and the basics of: French, Russian, Serbian, Dutch and some other languages. Now, I started learning the basics of Swedish. As for the translations now I feel only comfortable to understand from Albanian to Englsh and vice-verse. Don't hesitate to contact me for anything you want to translate to or from Albanian, want to ask about it's dialects, about Albania, Kosovo, etc. Whatever you would like to know I'm open and ready to help anyone.