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    Default Techno Song from Hollister

    Hey everyone, I was shopping at Hollister in Tysons Mall in VA and I heard this techno song.

    I honestly cannot remember the lyrics, but it has a girl saying something (a short phrase) and it keeps going over and over again. Its pretty upbeat but its not like a dance rave song---the tempo is more like the Black Eye Peas song "Tonight is going to be a good night"

    I know im pretty vague but if anyone knows what I'm talking about---mad props to you

    -I checked the summer/back-to-school list, and it doesnt seem to be in there---atleast not to my knowledge. I might have skipped a few.
    -I think it's an old song---I could be wrong--but for some reason, it seem so familiar

    ---the more i think about it, it could be considered as lounge music. its really laid back---not like Theivery Corp
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    I believe the girl isnt even saying words.

    I believe the lyrics go baa dee dun dun, baa dee dun dun (and it repeats its over and over again)

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    Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - "Relator" ?

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    No thats not it

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    Sia- Clap Your hands

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