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    Default The Hills season 4 ep 8 help :(

    there are 2 songs i've been desperatly trying to find for so long, but because they are only on the online version it's impossible

    There's one (most important to me ^^) that plays just as dougs pool party starts (after spencer and heidi's mum have dinner) which sounds like this 'hey cool kid out in the street, fall in love or get in a fight... etc etc...' No idea of the artist or name

    And the other song is played right at the end of the episode while lauren confronts steph, which starts sounding like "all the words that your sayin.." (thats all i can understand lol)

    If anyone knows i would be very very greatful

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    I can't believe I still havent found the pool party song! think it doesnt exist anymore lolll

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