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    Can someone please help translate the following

    ...this is a conversation between two fo my friends. I think it has to do with Islam and an insult to its state but can someone please decipher it word by word. I would like to respond to my friend sayed but I need some help understanding what it means. Thank you.

    ارجوكم حاربوا فوز سيد القمني ( المنافق) الذي يسب الاسلام في فوزه بجائزه الدوله التقديريه! يا جماعه اللي بيصل دا مش طبيعي

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    please fight against the winning of Sayed El-Qamny (the hypocrite) who swears at Islam and curses at it in his winning an award! People, what's happening is not normal
    The hours of pain have yielded good,
    Which prosperous days refused;
    As herbs, though scentless when entire,
    Spread fragrance when they’re bruised.

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    OH, I did not know he cursed Islam.. I thought Sayed was just against people who exploit Islam politically, which I agree. Islam is beautiful and should never ever be exploited. But I don't know much on the matter.

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