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    Default Season 4, Episode 8 "CKY Challenge"

    Howdy all,

    I know this probably wont be identified... but its worth a shot

    Towards the end of the episode after Dico wins the challenge, he receives Bam Land. As soon as he shakes hands with Bam, the song begins to play... only lasting 4-5 seconds

    It starts with a low growl that sounds like "Youuuuuuuu"

    Begins around 13:09

    I suspect that its CKY, just cant find the song... any help would be great

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    Gnarkill - "The Golden Egg"

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    Default maybe you can help me

    What's this song? After Dico won the CKY Challenge, they went to the State of Bam, then you see the crane and before the trailer falls down, there is a you know this song?

    sorry for my english, i'm from switzerland...

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