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Thread: Song Help Asap!

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    Angry Song Help Asap!

    so a while back i was in hollister and i heard a song tht went like this...

    HEYYY dont play no lie
    we are the voice only seconds behind...
    hey oh hey
    dont play no lie
    we are the voice

    i know those arent the EXCAT lyrics but it sounds like tht..

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    Man, this takes me back to when I was hired (Apr 2008)...

    Cartel - "The Fortunate"

    Hey Hey don't pay no mind,
    We are the second, you're minutes behind
    So you say, Yea I'm alright
    You are the fortunate all the time
    Yea, you are the fortunate...

    Used to request that song like mad. ;-)

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