Which guitar is best for beginners?

Thread: Which guitar is best for beginners?

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  1. dealrocker said:

    Smile Which guitar is best for beginners?

    I love music and now pretty much interested in learning guitar. Hope to get a new one on my next visit to Musician's Friend. Just wondering which guitar type is the easiest to begin learning on. I obviously know choosing the best guitar for a beginner can be hard but the most important factors to consider are cost, reliability and versatility.

    Please pass on your suggestions and advices.
  2. nnloso's Avatar

    nnloso said:


    aleksi laiho from the children of bodom uses esp guitars, i think that's the best reason why you should buy an esp guitar
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  3. fender4string said:


    I wouldn't say there is an "easiest" guitar. If you're good on one guitar then you'll be good on another. What it really comes down is the tone of the guitar.

    Depending on what style of music you play, there are different guitars that work better (i.e. produce tones like the genre you prefer).

    What type of music do you listen to?
  4. alexmarkmylyrics's Avatar

    alexmarkmylyrics said:


    I'd reccomend that you go into a guitar shop and try a few. Dont spend loads of money unless you're rich since you might give up after a few weeks.

    After you have found the guitar you want, check the online prices and read the reviews just to check what you're buying isnt going to fall to bits.

  5. dragonfly93's Avatar

    dragonfly93 said:


    Well, it depends on if you're leaning more toward acoustic or electric guitar; if you mean which of those is easiest to learn, nylon-string acoustics are easiest. But electric or a steel-string acoustic is better if you need to get your fingers used to that really fast.

    Hope I was helpful; PM me if you have any other questions
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  6. ShultzPD's Avatar

    ShultzPD said:


    Telling us what genre you want to play in chiefly and how much money you can spend would help people greatly in giving you advice.

    If you're buying electric: Consider the music you would like to play. If you're a metalhead chances are an Ibanez (they make decent guitars in all price ranges) could be right for you- and stay away from "extreme" guitars, chances are you'll regret buying them sometime latter especially if you change genres. If you like blues or old school rock you would be best served with a Gibson or Fender style guitar (if you don't have the money for these brands, Epiphone and Squier respectively are owned by these companies and make decent budget models- just stay away from the cheapest ones like those awful "Bullet" Squiers). If you want an acoustic one- the Washburn DS-10 always guarantees you bang for your buck. I'd stay away from classical or flamenco guitars as a beginner (unless you really want to play that sort of music). Also get a decent electric tuner, unless you're already a musician and have a trained ear it will be a pain in the *** to tune it with a pitch pipe or with harmonics.
    A general tip- stay away from the cheapest and most expensive guitars and try to take someone who plays along when you go shopping.
  7. Cheerblondie231's Avatar

    Cheerblondie231 said:


    i'v never had an acoustic before but i have a gibson and an ephifone and they play well (: easy to get carried away with them
  8. techiej said:


    I'm going to throw this out there, because I struggled when I first started playing the guitar...

    I had lots of people tell me that tone was the most important when buying any guitar, and I listened and bought a relatively cheap guitar with a sound I liked. Found out later it was hard to play and even harder to tune. It drove me nuts.

    If you are just learning to play, a guitar with a good fret board is probably more important than tone. When you get better, then you go and get one that you really like the sound of.
  9. ShadowLeeSharp's Avatar

    ShadowLeeSharp said:


    I started off with an ibanez lol and it's beautiful I'd get carried away with it everyday.
    But sometimes you could change the strings to fit it to your comfort .
    I highly recommend the ibanez
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