does anybody know wich language this is ???

Thread: does anybody know wich language this is ???

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  1. ebrusjka-- said:

    Default does anybody know wich language this is ???

    does anybody know wich language this is ???
    and if you know it , can I get the name of the song??

    what is sevcet??djamail?
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    The link doesn't work.
  3. ebrusjka-- said:


    oops sorry , didn't see it!
    I have improved it!
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    pthalo said:


    it's Bulgarian.
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    lopatka said:


    The language is Bulgarian, the guy who sings is a Roma so I guess Sevcet is his name. Djamail ... I have no idea what it means, I asume it's in Roma language :] Sorry, I don't know the name of the song as I've never heard it bedore. I guess it's a chalga song ..
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    The song`s called "Parva luna" by Maria. It`s bulgarian language, but the guy sings it with roma accent. Here is the link for the video :
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