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    Default Song heard in a HCO store a while back, sounded like ska

    Probably spring I heard this song which sounded very ska, it was really good and i couldnt pick up any of the lyrics but i believe it was a guy talking about his girl being with some other guy or something along those lines, if anyone could help me find this song that would be awesome, thanks

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    Guest just described most of their playlists...But try "Jer Coons - Legs"...I think that might be what you're talking about

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    nah sorry that wasnt it, its a very ska sounding song, the other songs in hollister were pretty acoustic and whiney lol, this song didnt sound like RBF but had their elements, like being negative but having super upbeat music

    there were horns and everything, im dying to find this song, thanks anyway though

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    umm..."Saltwater" by The Cat Empire..?

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    That's definitely the song they're looking for because it's the only ska song we've ever played.

    Unfortunately, it's the worst song ever composed.

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    false, this song is not it, though it is ska, and hcomodel is right this song isnt great at all lol

    the song im talking about defiantly had some guy whos girl ran off with some other guy or something i wish i knew even a shred of the lyrics, thanks for tryin guys

    if it helps, it is ska, but there wasnt like an extravagant horn section, it was background noise when ever they came in for sure

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