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    Default help transcribe song

    I'm Italian and I would like to know the lyrics of a song, but I can't find them on the web. Can anybody help me transcribe this song?
    The song is "Precious Moments" and is sung by Amii Stewart.
    Here it is the song:
    Thank You.
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    Hello shayne

    I listened to the song and this is what I came up with.

    Amii Stewart - Precious Moments

    There’ll never be another moment as precious as this is
    every single day that you take my breath away
    I know that this is a prelude to kisses
    love moves in mysterious ways only we can know
    when you fill me with the light of love so strong
    the way you do tonight
    I know you’re giving me what I believed was lost
    But I, I know its gonna be all right
    Wenn man dem Hass freien Lauf läßt, wird er die Seele von innen zerstören.

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