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  1. badMonkey said:

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    I am new to this forum, and I found no better place for this post. I have a question regarding the lyrics of Laura Marling's 'Ghosts'.

    It says 'Do as done and there was nothing left to be, turned out I've been following him and he'd been following me. Do as done after it was over, we were just two lovers crying at each other's shoulder.'.

    I am from Germany, and I googled and everything but I found no translation or meaning for "Do as done"... I am wondering what it's supposed to mean.

    Can anyone help me?
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    MichelleMack said:

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    I believe the verse says "Do as done there is nothing left to be" which is different from what you have.

    What I believe she means in the first part of the verse "Do as done there is nothing left to be" is: do what has already been done before - kind of like the saying there is nothing new under the sun (it has all been done before)

    So - do as (what has be done before) there is nothing left to be (done).

    In the second verse she means: (he or she ) will do what (he/she) has always been done before "it" was over - meaning back to the same old thing.
  3. badMonkey said:


    Ah very interesting! Thank you, my thoughts were already going in that direction, but I thought there was a literal meaning of "do as done" or something, that it was a common phrase or so.

    Thanks a lot!