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    Default Song in unknown European language

    Hi everyone,
    I am searching for a song I once recorded from Medium Wave/AM Radio in Germany.
    It wasn't a German radio station, but probably one from the East or South East of Europe with a language I do not understand. So it's not a Western European language like German, Englisch, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch etc. During nights it is possible to receive radio stations from countries like Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and so on - therefore there's a large amount of languages this could be.

    Even if no one knows the song I would be happy to know what language this is.
    Here's a sample of the song and also some talking from the radio presenter, so that someone is possibly able to identify the language a bit better.
    Song is directly streamed - You can listen to it without downloading anything.

    Any help appreciated.

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    That's Swedish.
    I will copy your thread now to Nordic Languages subforum, as there are your chances much better, to get answered.
    Link to copied thread:

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    Oh, really... Swedish?
    I listen to a couple of Swedish bands singing English and during and after concerts of them I regulary heard them talk in their native language and I though it sounded different to this. Therefore I didn't shortlist that one.
    But I remember that Radio Sweden was sometimes receivable here by that time.

    Thanks a lot.

    It is now known that the language is Norwegian instead of Swedish.
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