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    Default I am looking for some English poems...


    I am looking for some specific 18th century poems by women poets, but I seem to have a hard time locating them. I have found a few, but I still lack some.

    The poems I am still looking for are the following:

    By Mary Collier:
    1) The three wise sentences
    2) An elegy upon Stephen Duck

    By Mary Leapor:
    1) An essay to a woman
    2) An epistle on Artemisia, on Fame
    3) Crumble Hall

    By Ann Yearsley:
    1) Clifton Hill
    2) An elegy on Marie Antoinette
    3) Prayer and resignation

    By Elizabeth Hands:
    1) On reading Pope's Eloiza to Abelard

    If anyone could help me locate at least some of them, I would be grateful...

    Best regards,

    "I have fear for nothing and I have hope for nothing, I am, therefore, free."

    Nikos Kazantzakis

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