i search a song recorded the night on radio fm in france i think it was before 1990 (maximum)it must be older
i'll try to write the words of this song
its a type of slow

hush (female voice)
this is a mon who sing (i think he is black)
hush love is bled in town
who love me now you're gone
in the dream we' ve maid together is fade away

hush love is bleed in town
ho ho.........night time ....bring me down
who paid the price of lonliness when i'm alone in the promisses when i'm alone
refrain (played with saxo)

hush, love is bleed in town
my mind..........drawn
who give me from the greater space........

this transcription is not probably whitout mistakes
good chance (works)
perhaps you vill be oblige to replace this demand in the right place.