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    Default HELP! I have been looking for this song for 12 years!

    Ok, around 1997 a friend of mine set his tape recorder to record the metal show on a local, central NJ, radio station that played a lot of metal music. There was this song he found on the tape when he listened back. We both thought the song was the years following we both lost our cassette copies. I have been looking for this song since the late 90s and have had no luck on lyric search engines. I have also scanned every metal albums lyrics I have come across on the internet that could possibly be the band I am looking for.

    Years of searching have yielded no results. I am beginning to think the radio station might have been playing local music that night, and it might be an unsigned artist's song. This would mean I will possibly never find it.

    I am turning now to online forums, maybe someone will help me find this damn song I've been searching for, for over a decade.

    It's a metal song with a guitar intro, the drums come in with a few fills, and then the whole band comes in. The verses contain steady and fast double bass 16th notes. The vocals are not death metal to the point where you cannot understand them, it's almost Dave Mustaine-ish in most parts. The only thing I can remember about the lyrics is the phrase "taste the blood!" which occurs as a group chant maybe 6 times in the song, almost like a question / answer type of thing.

    The song contains a lot of tempo changes, dropping to half time in a groove, drums that almost sound synthesized and early Megadeth sounding guitar riffs and vocals but in a heavier and faster manner. I am at the point where I am going to recreate what I can remember on the guitar, record it, and post it along to a thread like this.

    If anyone has any helpful hints at all do not hesitate to share them, this is really getting to be a pain but I will not give up on this damn song. Please e-mail me at with ANY information. Thanks for reading.

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    Wish you luck.

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