some bulgarian hip-hop 2009?

Thread: some bulgarian hip-hop 2009?

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  1. Pella01 said:

    Cool some bulgarian hip-hop 2009?

    Do someone knows bulgarian hip-hop 2009 or 2008 ?
    Tnx a lot )
  2. lopatka's Avatar

    lopatka said:


    I don't know if they are from 08/09 though ... :] - BadBeat & DIS feat. Ndoe - Pet - RaggaOne ,Mink , MD Behha , DenYo i Sensei - 1/2 BG [kinda mixed style, but it's still sool] - Denyo - Posleden dyh - Denyo - Zashto jiveya - Denyo - Da letya [I just heard it now for the first time .. I like the beat ;] - DiS - Jivei - DiS - Nyama vreme

    Don't know if that's what you're interested in, but that's what I like from the BG hip-hop scene :] If you like them, there's more songs on youtube :P
    Ungir kallar, kátir kallar, gangiđ upp á gólv dansiđ lystilig!
  3. kpantev said:

    Криско, бате, имаш вкус!
    Krisko, dude, you've got taste!
  4. L.L. said:


    they're not from 2009 (... I guess ) but I really like these

    bate pe6o i tina - wolf
    bate pe6o i tina - prqteli

    and I'm looking for the lyrics of these

    bate sa6o i me4kata - za sofiq
    bate sa6o - 72 takta smart
    bate pe6o - nqma smisil