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    Default Sibel Can - Yar Yar - please, help to translate this song.translate it.

    i would be greatful if anyone translated this song, its beautiful, but have very little idea what it is about.
    Thank you in advance.

    Sibel Can - Yar Yar

    yokluğun bende çok zor
    anılar tuzak
    yıllarım şimdi dargın
    uykular yasak
    ben ne yaptım sana
    gözlerin uzak

    hasretler koyup gittin
    garip gönlüme

    yar yar gidiyorum
    senin canın sağ olsun
    yar yar seviyorum
    bu defa son olsun
    yar yar senden başkasına bakarsam
    iki gözüm de kör olsun

    arayıp beni bir gün soruyormusun
    elleri benim gibi sarıyormusun
    sen ne yaptın bana biliyormusun
    nasıl sildin sen beni hemen bir gündev

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    my love, my love

    your absence is too hard for me
    the memories seem so far
    my (past) years are angry with me now
    the sleep is forbidden
    what have i done to you?
    your eyes are far (look cold)

    you left cravings to
    my poor heart and went

    my love, my love, i am going
    don't you worry..
    my love my love, i love
    let this time be the last
    my love my love, if i ever look at someone else apart from you
    shall my both eyes be blind (i.e. i swear, i won't look anyone else)

    you don't even call and ask about me for once
    do you embrace the others like you embraced me?
    do you have any idea of what you've done to me?!
    how did you erase me (from your life) easily in one day?
    Endless Climb
    I am blind
    Why can't I hear?
    Color blind
    Speaking a phrase
    Instantly grown
    I am blind
    Waiting in line

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