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  1. Groflan said:

    Default chalga without lyrics?

    Hi everyone,

    I have travelled in Bulgaria some time ago and this was a very very nice trip. One time in a club of Plovdiv I have heard a brilliant music and I am actually browsing the net in order to find it. It sounds like chalga, but without singer, it is only instruments. For knewers, it would be for the chalga what dub is for the reggae.

    Could anyone give me some references of this kind of music(youtube, mp3 previews, or simply the name of the bands who plays that...) ? Thanks!

  2. L.L. said:


    I guess it's just gypsy music to dance kiucheck (or is kiuchek also the name of that kind of music, not just the dance ?)
  3. Groflan said:


    yes, thank you double L!
    that style sounds good to me, especially the second one.

    what are your favourite kiuchek tunes?
    which are the most wanted in Bulgaria?

  4. L.L. said:


    sorry I can't help you more I'm not bulgarian and not into kiuchek that much ^^
  5. kikiii said:
  6. NikolForAll said:


    If you're in Bulgaria the last year or two, probably was this one the song :
  7. Groflan said:


    thanks for reply,
    please feel free to append other tunes to the list, preferably without lyrics.

  8. kikiii said: