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    Default The Hills/The City Song Idents

    There are a few songs that has been The City & The Hills that I just cannot find even with accurate lyrics. And the songs are not listed in MTV's Rhapsody's list.

    The City: Epdisode 21: Forget About Boys
    When Joe and Erin stops arguing and the Elle photoshoot begins: Lyrics goes, "Cause I'm a superwoman superwoman sing along Cause you know you wanna be strong... Watch me now push it up a notch..."

    The next few lyrics, I'm not exactly sure which show they are on and which episodes, simply because I just kept jotting down the lyrics.

    "Sink your ship Destroyer, Don't wanna mess with this" (Pretty sure the song's title is Destroyer)
    "Light my fuse it's on it's on it's on I will be your come on come on come on"
    This song is from The Hills. Holy, Spencer and Heide are an event and Holly proves that she just does not stop drinking. "Everybody at the bar at the where? at the bar.. So we're drinking like rockstars"

    Also, does anyone have Jada - Model That? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Thank youuu!!

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    The destroyer song is called destroyer by Carissa Rae.
    its on the bottom of her song list on myspace

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