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    I think the most useful language is English and French is one of the hardest languages. My favorite language is Turkish but it's hard, too.

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    English, Chinese and Spanish are the most usefull! well may be Russian as well. Knowing these you would be able to communicate with soooo many people on the Earth.. I personally like Swedish :-)

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    English and Mandarin Chinese are most useful... catching up is Spanish, as well as Arabic (maybe? not sure which dialect)...
    For me personally, German, Russian and French are most practical, aside from English.

    And in my opinion, the hardest are:
    Turkish (grammar)
    Estonian (grammar and pronunciation)
    Finnish (grammar and pronunciation)
    Hungarian (grammar)
    and Polish (pronunciation), which is similar to Czech and Slovak.

    Edit: Finnish and Estonian are NOT hard in terms of pronunciation; I take that back. None of these languages are once you get accustomed to them, really... It's just the initial impression one gets. In fact, I'll admit that I am probably better at pronouncing Finnish than Mandarin, and I've studied Mandarin now for 13 years and Finnish for two weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabelsko View Post
    English is an obvious answer, but French is also very useful. As for the most difficult languages, I'd say Hungarian, Turkish and Mongolian are up there.
    Agree wit u that Mongolian language is one of the most difficult ones. Mostly, foreign ppl doesnt know how to pronounce the words, even the letters.

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    For me the most usefull language in the world today is English, because many people speak it.
    The hardest language to learn? Hm... maybe hungarian (which is extremly melodic and I love how it sounds), mongolian and estonian.
    The best language for me is my native language, bulgarian (of course), because I can express myself the best on it. I also adore greek language. I study it for some years, I even was in Greece and it was a wonderful time. I kinda miss Greece now
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    most useful language without a doubt is english.

    as for hardest..... i was going to write a long post about the varying difficulties of different languages, but i stopped myself just in time. what i will say, is that no indo-european language is difficult, when compared to minority languages spoken by indigenous populations around the world. if you're interested, there is a wonderfully informative post here: in which the relative difficulties of non-indo-european languages are discussed and broken down with a few examples. that blogger has also done the same thing for indo-european languages, but i'm not going to bother linking that, it's on his site, if you're interested you can find it easily yourself .

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