Does anyone know this song?

Thread: Does anyone know this song?

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  1. King_Tut said:

    Default Does anyone know this song?


    There is an Italian (or Spanish!!!) song that I use to sing many years ago. The song's name is "Ave Maria". Here are the first few lines that I remember of it:

    Sotto il ciel,
    De Rio De Janiero,
    Ce un villago,
    Escuno shuto,
    Quatro case,
    E un campagnia

    In quelle case,

    That is all I remember. If some one can help, I shall sequence the music, add my vocal and harmony and post it along with my other songs on youtube.

    Please click here:

    Thank you for helping.

    King_Tut (AKA Misso D'Egitto)
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