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    Default Help Find the song

    Been looking for absolutely ages and really cant find this song,

    Its at the start of Season 5 Episode 19 (season 6 Episode 9), its when the episode name comes up "Mr Right Now" and plays till you see the hand car wash at the start.

    Lyrics go . .

    When the lights go off its like we're wrestling, i just love it how she answers when i get a question in, who's is this, who's is this, who's is this this this

    Any Idea's

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    Hey..i've heard that song too and i can't find it anywhere. I've searchrd 4 it everywhere. I thought the lyrics were different tho lyk,

    'when the lights go off it's like we were still there, i just love it how she answers when i get the questionnaire, whos is this, who's is this, who's is this this this??'

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    Thats the one . . dont know about the lyrics. . . .but really still cant find the song!! Its getting annoying now! lol . . .keep me updated if u have any more luck

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    doesn anyone know the song from the Mr.Right now episode when kirsten excuses herself to go make a phone call " say we belong so we are not the only one all alone in love"???????????ANyone its killing m

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    Default x0kaz0x

    Hey, m nt sure if it's right i think you may be talking anout this song....
    Alicia Keys ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart'

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