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    can anyone help me with the following;

    how long does a entry visa in eegypt last for?
    also what happens if one stays in egypt without a visa?
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    It normally lasts for 3 months starting from the issue date, and once you get into Egypt you can normally stay there up to one month only.

    I don't know what happens if you stay there without visa, but there shouldn't be need for that, as it's very easy to get the visa extended (I did that twice in the same year). You just fill in an application form, pay some fees (about 15 euros) and that's it... extension for up to 6 months (That's a tourist visa, I think it's slightly more complicated for other kinds of visa.)
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    also what happens if one stays in egypt without a visa?
    they'll charge you on your way out so when you're ready to leave the country make sure you have enough money cause you may have to pay at the airport.
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    You have to go to the government office... and there pay i think like 6 dlls for a new visa that is for 6 months
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