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    Default Solved: "...changed when I met you"


    I saw someone posted the 2009 Summer and Back to School playlist, but I couldn't find the song I was looking for. I don't know who sings it or what it's called, but the lyrics (chrous) go something like...

    "...changed when I met you"


    "...changed til I met you".

    Either my life change or something like that...I can't remember. It was a male voice, and it was a softer song. Any idea? I've been searching all day for it. :x Sorry it's so discrete.


    xo; Jess

    P.S. It had to be on the Back to School playlist because I heard Jason Mraz, "Summer Breeze" right before it.
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    Smile I found it!

    Pete Yorn - Paradise Cove

    It was just added to the playlist on 7/29...that's why I couldn't find it.

    xo; Jess

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