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    Default Some sort of wedding song identification help

    Hi ,I've been asked to help track down a song ,all a bit vague i'm afraid ,but woner if anyone can help . All I know is the jist of this ,all this is sounding like a long shot I know ,but anyhow here goes.

    As we got into bed
    he unscrewed his leg
    then it goes on about a glass eye and presumably other detatchable parts ! :lol:
    and possably the chorus is are you worth it ?

    any help much appriecated .Thankyou.

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    Well I remember this (Old Irish Drinking Song), but I remember it as a Woman Bride going to pieces on her wedding night. A quick search turned up this little ditty.

    From Yahoo Answers:

    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

    I think the song you're looking for is "The Very Unfortunate Man". I've heard a country version of it, and I think I've also heard the Irish group The Clancy Brothers sing it.

    Here are the lyrics (I found them by Googling the title):

    Very Unfortunate Man
    (Jimmy Driftwood's reworking of an older song)

    There was a lawyer, his name was Clay
    He had but two clients and they wouldn't pay
    At last, of starvation, he grew so afraid
    He courted and married a wealthy old maid.
    At the wedding this lawyer made one big mistake
    'Twas not in omitting the wine or the cake
    The ring was well chosen, they had a big feed
    But the lawyer did not get a warranty deed

    He's a very unfortunate, very unfortunate, very unfortunate man
    He's a very unfortunate, very unfortunate, very unfortunate man

    At night in their chamber, this lady arose
    And began to prepare to retire and repose
    Her husband sat near her admiring her charms
    That gave him such pleasure to hold in his arms
    She went to the washstand to bathe her fair face
    And thus she destroyed all her beauty and grace
    The rose on her cheek quickly grew very faint
    And he saw on the towel, 'twas nothing but paint

    She went to the mirror to take down her hair
    And when she got done, her scalp was all bare
    Said she, don't be frightened to see my bald head
    I'll put on my cap when I get into bed
    She hung her false hair on the wall on a peg
    And then she proceeded to take off her leg
    Her trembling husband got quite a surprise
    When she asked him to come and take out her glass eye

    The husband stood watching, with trembling lips,
    While she unfastened her counterfeit hips;
    Just then her false nose clattered down on the floor
    And the poor lawyer, screaming, ran out of the door.
    Now all you young men who would marry for life,
    Be sure in examine your intended wife.
    Remember the lawyer who trusted his eyes
    And a little while later got quite a surprise.

    Copyright Warden Music Co., Inc.

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    New Granma

    I'll hand it on ,and see if it's the one ,blimey I'm rhyming too ,so thats a huge thankyou.

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