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    Default Question about an Ukrainian Song (Not a translation)

    Hi everyone! I had some lyrics translated long ago, and the original lyrics (in Ukrainian) went like

    В мене є країна, я її любив
    За волошки-очі, люди-кораблі

    I can't understand what люди-кораблі means exactly. The original thread (with complete lyrics) is here

    An explanation of what the word is referring to is as welcome as an English equivalent term, in case you can't find the latter - in fact, that could be even more useful.

    Thanks in advance, as always

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    It means exactly what i've translated. Here it's a metaphor. People are like ships. And now is your turn to think what he wanted to tell. Coz there's no such word as люди-кораблі that is used in everyday life.
    In Ukrainian it is Prykladka. One word is main. Other is its characteristic, noun with adjective function. But anyway both words are nouns. Coz of this they need hyphen between
    нам ніколи, мабуть, не дійти до межі,
    за якою немає ні смутку, ні страху...

    Bizim gibi delilere her gün bayram

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