Please help me to identify the song

Thread: Please help me to identify the song

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  1. devoy said:

    Default Please help me to identify the song

    Can you tell me the name of the song that is being played in the background?
    i know that the sound is not clear but the song is clearest at the 41th second . You can play the file by using RealPlayer or KMplayer

    i think it has the words Break in my heart
  2. Th3Diplomat said:


    i know that song . its from some chillout album i got a few months back . it will take time to find out coz my pc is down n my laptop dun hav any songs .
    till then if someone finds then its good thing
  3. devoy said:


    anyone else?
  4. lollipop's Avatar

    lollipop said:


    I can't hear that very well under the talking, but it sounds like
    Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
  5. devoy said:


    yes, this is the song !
  6. Th3Diplomat said:


    yep thats it . i had one of its remixes on this cd i dl from the net