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    Question a suggestion

    hi everyone
    I would like to suggest something that I think is important but I don't know if it is the right place or the right forum.
    I would like to suggest to create english pages in the official websites or fanclubs created for Turkish singers or even for series. for instance yesterday I went on Ozcan Deniz's website and I didn't get much except some songs, concerts, photos but not much although I really like this singer . I also WENT ON THE OFFICIAl site of the Turkish series Asi and although there was a page for english speakers everything was written in Turkish
    probably those pepole creating websites should think internationally.
    what do you think?

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    believe me i have exactly the same problem !! i go ragheb alama's offical page and choose english yet everythng is in arabic how great!!!! i think i ll learn arabic

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    The same problem is here, with Turkish websites, lol!
    Syria ♥
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    Suriyeli damarımda Türk kanı akıyor.

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