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  1. k4ss said:

    Smile Anyone can help me

    Hi everybody ,
    i need translate some text , i wanna make suprise to my boyfriend , he come from albania ,
    and I think this is more beautifull for him , when I write this in him language.
    But I wanna ask , because I don't know , now in this forum anybody translate something ?
    Thank U so much , when yes , I give there this text for translations.

    Grazie di tutti.
  2. k4ss said:

    Exclamation anyone can translate this ?

    Baby , i wanna do something special for you in this day ...
    You know I can give you everything , but I think the best what I can give for you is my love and my heart.
    Today is our day , because we are fall in love.
    We are so many time separately , but I know this is why I love you everyday more .
    I believe in this , one day we can live together, everyday , forever.

    We are together 7 months , this is the best time in my life.
    I know without you nothing is the same. You showed me new world , world with love .
    We had better and worse days , but we can overcome adversity,
    because our love is really strong.
    I remember everything what is connected with you.
    I remember our first kiss , form this time I wanna only your lips.
    I remember our first hug , from this time anybody can give me so many heat.
    I remember your first look for me , you had shines and happines eyes.
    Now you are only one person , with who i can immagine my life .
    Because with you I fell I am special, unique person , just you me treat like princess.
    With you I fell my life have a sense. Anyone was , and can be like you .
    I fell you are for me , and I have got hope , you feel the same.
    I know that you are my destiny
    Our love is something beautiful , because of you I am better person .
    Person with one big heart , person who love you strong.
    You are all I need.

    Thank you for everything what you do for me
    yours every beautifull words ,
    for yours beautifull smile ,
    for yours feeling what we give me everyday,
    for yours strong love for me
    for yours care about me ,
    Thank you for this ,
    but the most I wanna thank you ,
    for it that you are everyday...
    only and so much.
    for me it is very important

    You & Me
    Forever and Ever.

    Walking through a dream I see you
    My light in darkness breathing hope of new life
    Now I live through you and you through me enchanting
    I pray in my heart that this dream never ends I live through your love
    You teach me how to see all that’s beautiful
    My senses touch your word I never pictured before.

    Our love never stopped

    This i wanna say you in our day .
    I love you so much , and i never wanna change it
  3. pepina said:


    I cant translate this...but just to let you know..what u wrote it down its beautifull..;-))...hope he will enjoy it...
  4. Balkaneuro said:


    i have already translated this, please do not many numerous posts asking for the same translation, it is difficult for us translators to keep track.
  5. Princeshë's Avatar

    Princeshë said:


    Quote Originally Posted by Balkaneuro View Post
    i have already translated this, please do not many numerous posts asking for the same translation, it is difficult for us translators to keep track.

    Can i ask where can i find your translation? because i'd like to use some sentencises from this tekst because it's beuatiful...but i want wrote it in alb. language..