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  1. Crazy4lyrics said:

    Red face Need help identifying a song

    I heard a song on the radio and not only do I not know who sang it...I can't even remember the lyrics. All I do know is the song was pop/rock from either late 80's or possibly early 90's. The singer was male, I am pretty sure he was singing solo (there may have been some backup singers but I can't remember). It wasn't a slow song, it was more upbeat.

    The "theme" or message of the song was something about him not wanting advice or for someone to stop telling him what to do or possibly how to live his life. It may have even been about him wanting them to shut up and hear what he had to say instead of telling him what they thought. The song gave me a feeling he was telling someone to back off about how they were either giving advice or not listening to what he thought/wanted. I only caught the end of the song and it seemed familiar but it wasn't on long enough to really "stick" in my head.

    I know this is terrible info to go off of but I am going crazy trying to remember these lyrics because for some reason I liked the song but I was driving and not really paying close attention to the radio and when next song came on it just washed this one right out of my head. All I know is I had a quick though of...I'd really like to listen to that song again and then "poof" I completely forget any details about it.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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    This is a shot in the dark, but try Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence".
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