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  1. 6431jam said:

    Unhappy guitar chords and lyrics

    looking for chords and lyrics for The Diet Song written by Shel Silverstein, then performed by Bobby Bare and later by Seamus
  2. Heather91 said:


    I am Looking for the lyrics and guitar tabs of the song called "Quiero Amarte" by Lilly Cruz
  3. 6431jam said:

    Default Website for Mexican Music

    Found a great website for this its LaCuerda:Acordes para Guitarra I looked for your song and found one which may be it
  4. Juan Soldado's Avatar

    Juan Soldado said:


    have you tried 911 tabs? they have most anything popular?
  5. Smithjhon77 said:


    Juan! can you explain about the 911 tab????
  6. R19pew said:

    Default guitar chords and l

    For when i need to provide the chords of a song to others on keys etc. For them, its more practical if i provide the chords.
  7. Th said:


    I looked for your song and found one which may be it
  8. bestellen said:


    Can you explain about the 911 tab?
  9. alibaba90 said:


    911 tab its a downloadable program (u can get it from any torrent downloader like Ares, Emule, etc) , there u will find tabs for any instrument, chords, guitar pro files, etc.
  10. crescalona said:


    I can write it for you
    Request to