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  1. Rico211075 said:

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    My macedonian isn't that good but I have a really close friend whoes been my rock, how do you say 'I love you' in the context of saying it to your brother. I've tried using a few on line translators to get the correct phrase but they're all different I can read a bit of cyrillic but it would be helpful if I could also see it litinised.

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    Milka said:


    Тhere are two ways to say "I love you" in Macedonian:

    1. Те љубам (a more traditional expression and definitely expressing romantic feelings that is rarely used today)

    2. Те сакам

    The verb "да сакаш" means "to want" as well as "to love".

    I am not sure оf the context in order to sау "Те сакам" to your friend/brother because you may get misunderstood. That's why I'd insert the word "brother" in that saying.

    Многу те сакам бе брат = I love you so much oh brother.

    Брате, многу те сакам = brother, I love you so much.

    Повели и друг пат = You are welcome.
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