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    For many years now I have a fantastic song on a CD, unfortunatelly it is a live version, and I would need studio version.

    The song is called LINDA LINDA, it must be older than 10 years.
    I have found in youtube some private people playing this song, so you can listen an remember (hopefully ) the song I am talking about:

    YouTube - Linda Linda Ya Linda

    Here another guy, same song: YouTube - Linda Linda Arabic Pop
    YouTube - LINDA LINDA

    I need the name of the artist. I will look then for the CD for myself.

    Thanks in advance
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    I found the lyrics.
    Is it Samir al Twil singing thats what they say?
    Arabic Music: English Translation of Lyrics for Linda, Linda by Samir al-Tawil
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    Ya reitni 2amle b sha3rak, kel lama ashta2lak atsa7sel w ashoufak ♥