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  1. SpringyTrampo-Lines said:

    Smile Her. <3

    Hello all in this tiny, tiny world! How is everyone doing today? I hope you are fabulous
    Just recently--Valentine's to be exact--I fell in love with a long time friend. It was at a MoonHoney concert. They are a band very similar to the White Stripes with some Latin influnece--check their MySpace. Anyways, I called her up, as she lives 3 hours away, and told her everything. I just spilled. Told her how I've loved her since I met her and how it got more and more intimate the longer I knew her. Anyways, I'm rambling.

    I've written her many songs but this is for sure my favorite so far.

    "We'll get a boat,
    Sail the open waves.
    I'm with you.
    Everything is okay.
    I love you so,
    can we go,

    Let's grow some wings.
    Float through the clouds.
    We're in luck,
    we've got all the world's time now.
    I love you so,
    Babe, let's go,

    Put on your skates
    and roll with me.
    When I'm with you,
    I am so happy.
    I love you so.
    Will you roll,
    with me?

    Let's buy a tramp-
    We can bounce
    'til 2016.
    I love you so.
    Now let's go

    Now to conclude
    Tess's song,
    I've loved you
    for so very long.
    You and me,
    we will be...


    Tell me what you think
    I love you guys.
  2. startingtheend said:


    haha aww thats effin cute. i didnt like the trampoline part but i like the rest of it check out the 2 songs i have up and lemme know whatcha think!
  3. SpringyTrampo-Lines said:


    I like yours!
    Any suggestions for the trampoline part. Is it the verse or the thought of a trampoline? I agree, it doesn't go with the rest but, I was desperate.
    Do you think it'd be good minus that verse and only have 4?
  4. st@r said:


    hey nice song and you can use something like "lets get lost in each others eyes or somethin like that or you can just remove it.
  5. startingtheend said:


    lets dream of trips
    to outer space
    we'll walk the moon
    and see his face
    i love you so,
    can we go,

    what about that?
  6. st@r said:


    How about this

    Come with me
    and we will fly through the sky
    cause when u and i are together
    there is nothing we can't do
    so will u come
  7. yarichula said:


    I like this one!
  8. SpringyTrampo-Lines said:


    I LOVE IT startingtheend!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!
    Permission to steal?
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With the music it's put to, I may a change it a bit.

    Let's fall asleep,
    dream of trips to space...
    (Keep the rest)

    Sorry, don't mean to be contradictory just, I don't want to completely steal it. Haha
    Thanks again man!
  9. startingtheend said:


    haha no problem springy thats what im here for man. im good at lyrics lol. at least i try to be. glad you liked it. and yes permission to steal