Hi there
Would someone maybe help me translate these 2 poems of my own into czech, so I am sure, they will be understood right??

When I am alone in bed a night
with nothing but darkness in my sight
hugging my pillow while dreaming of you
hoping that you are missing me too

waking from dreaming, reality is back
nothing but darkness, totally black
the sun slowly starts rising again
the real world conquers my brain

while waking up for a new day to face
I am thinking of the day we will embrace
distance is the kilometers keeping us apart
but I still feel we are close at heart

getting out of bed, still thinking of you
another day without you to get through
one day waking up will be better than dreams
will it then be all what it now seems


I tried to read a book last night
But could not seem to get it right
My thoughts kept going back to you
My mind played tricks and made me blue

I started watching a movie, saw people kiss
Right away i was back at my deepest wish
The movie had a happy ending
All my love to you i was sending

Went back to my book, a Kafka so deep
Thought it would help me get some sleep
Hours of reading, two pages accomplished
If just i was reading as good as i missed

Turning the lights out, alone with the night
Memories come back, leave me with light
Another night without sleeping, time to get up
It would be nice if my thinking would stop

Get out of bed, taking a shower
Another day without any power
Days and nights are filled with you
No matter what my dreams have to come true

Thanks in advance.