Freedoms Call

A million voices calling a million voices strong
Standing up for justice and singing freedoms song
Echoed for the ages all across this land
Fighting for the people every woman and man

It rung the bell of the revolution when our fathers took the pen
They wrote to the kings of old your rule is at an end
This land across the ocean will sing our freedom song
We will take up our musket and stand together strong

In a place called Valley Forge a strong winter surged
But in every soldiers heart the long for freedom burned
The rally cry for freedom stemmed the rising tide
We won our independence from a mighty empire

Many years passed until a bloody battle raged
A country was divided a war for freedom waged
No longer will our people be slaves in our own land
Our brave freedom soldiers will not die in vain

The battle was decided we thought freedom won the day
But hatred and fear was imbedded in our brain
We let fear run rampant and let it cloud our minds
We forgot what it was for that our brave soldiers died

We broke the slavery chains but refused to make amends
A man was still judged by the color of his skin
Hatred run rampant all through out the land
And many generations was taught to hate the colored man

It was a hundred years later when King said “I have a dream”
Freedom and justice will flow like a mighty stream
For that idea is what our country was founded on
We will fight for freedom and we shall overcome

The struggle continues just like before
But now it is masked by a cunning foe
The flames of hated are fed once again
By the greed and power of dishonest men

When every child is fed and when every man is free
When we are not slaves to our power and greed
That is when freedom will echo through the land
Fighting for the people every woman and man

Now the time has come for change from the fears of old
Time will only tell how this struggle will unfold
We must take the reins for justice for all
We must take a stand and answer freedoms call

By Scott Lee