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  1. Juan Soldado's Avatar

    Juan Soldado said:

    Cool Kothbiro Notes

    I am desperately trying to find the notes played in Ayub Ogada´s Kothbiro.
    I need it for an upcoming perfomance.

    Can´t find it on the web so I thought that quizá you´ll could help

    muchas gracias to any one who helps. I offer a one Million dollar prize to whoever comes up with the right notes!

  2. Ultimate DJ said:


    hey dude
    You could try contacting this video uploader and see if he might have the notes.

    best of luck.

    ps Next time have a link to the song cause most people wont know that song.

    siempre fiel
  3. kothbiro guy said:

    Default Easy as hell, took my 5 minutes

    Notes used:
    2nd finger g string (A) e string (E), 3rd finger b string (D), b string (b) and 4th finger g string (B), it goes like this:

    A E A E A E D b 2 times and A b A b A b D B and it comes back to the first melody!

    The rithm is kinda tricky, but nailed this after 5 min.