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    Default Dedication

    People hidin' behind a screen, talkin' all that smack
    Really know nothin', not f**in' jack.
    Before ya step, realize ya place
    Imma reach thru, slap the s*** out ya face.
    Don't give a f*** bout ya age, mean nothin' to me
    Best believe lil girl, ya gon respect B.
    Chew b****es up, like ya dumba** all day
    None of 'em can hang, f*** they can't play.
    Stoop down to ya level, I think not
    I speak the truth, lil b**** I don't front.
    I'm an original, juss like some others
    Send ya scary a** home, cryin' for ya mother.
    Post our own s***, for us this is life
    Hope ma words cut ya, deep like a knife.
    Ya can say I'm harsh, say I'm a b****
    Won't report ya minor a**, I'm no snitch.
    Juss call ya a** out, wit this rhyme
    Push my button again, b**** ya a** mine.
    So before ya run ya mouth, talkin' s*** again
    Imma let ya gather, ya lil cyber girlfriends.
    Bring them on, I don't give a f***
    Run all ya lil a**es over, like a mack truck.
    Or better yet, call 'em up on the phone
    I don't need no f***in' body, b**** I stand ALONE.

    Bring on the response, I don't give a d***
    These words are truth, this who I am.
    So talk that blah blah s***, ya gon get schooled
    Teach all ya minor a****, ya nothin' but fools.
    Like I said, go on and get ya back up
    I'll still be here, backin' this spoken s*** up.
    I await ya response, ya fakea** lil girl
    So will the rest, of this widea** web world.

    I'M OUT.
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    whos this to

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