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    Default Hussain Al Jassmi - Ya Sighr el Farah

    Please, could someone translate this song into English:

    Thank you!

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    يا صغر الفرح في قلبي ..
    How tiny the happiness in my heart
    ويا كبر الألم والآه !! تغرّب في زمنها الناس ..
    How huge the pain and Ah in
    He became a stranger in people's lifetime
    وزوّد ظلمها ببلواه .. لآنه مختلف عنهم
    Its oppressing increased his sorrow.... Because he's unlike them
    تبرى من طبايعهم .. تغرّب في سما تهواه ..
    He renounced their habits... He became a stranger in a place that loved him
    وفا وباعوه أحبابه .. وزوّد غدرهم .. همه
    He kept faith, but his beloved sold him out, which increased his solicitude
    وشرّع للهوى بابه .. وأَهدر لأجلهم دمه
    He opened the door for his passion.... and proscibed his blood because of them
    ولكن للأسف هانت .. سنين العشره وشانت
    Unfortunately companionship was lost and disgraced
    قلوبٍ بالجفى تلقاه ..
    Hearts that meet him with aversion
    صبر والصبر ما فاده
    He became patient but it was useless
    تحمّل لوعة الحرمان .. متى يرتاح وبعاده ..
    He tolerated the pain of depriviation...
    When he'll be relieved...And (his) being far

    عذاب وغربته .. إنسان
    Is tormetn, and his foreignness is man (like)
    يا دنيا مالها صاحب
    Oh life doesn't have a companion (it means that life is betrayer)
    غريبه .. صدقها كاذب تجازي من وفا تنساااه
    (life is) Strange, even its sincerity is a lie..
    It rewards honest people... by forgetting him
    لا يَشْكُرُ الله مَنْ لا يَشْكُرُ النَّاس
    The One Who Doesn't Thank Others, Doesn't Thank God

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    Oriee thank you so much for the translation.

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