Koncerts in Bulgarian tourist towns

Thread: Koncerts in Bulgarian tourist towns

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    Default Koncerts in Bulgarian tourist towns

    Hi all!

    I plan to come to Bulgaria this summer, the first half of August. I was wondering if there are any concerts of Bulgarian stars held in Zlatni Pjasci or Slanchev Brqg, or at some other tourist places.

    Also, I've been wondering when all those Lqatno Turne and Derby concerts in which many artists perform are held in Sofiq. I think I could come to Sofiq just for one night, for the concert, but I don't know when they're held, or where to buy a ticket online.

    I'd like you to give me more info on that.

    Greetings from Serbia.

    *oops, typo in the title, concerts, not koncerts, sorry
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    i know that planeta derby useually happens around mid july - begining of august.....

    but that's all i know. sorry, not much help. aha
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