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    Default French/Lebanese Translation

    Can someone help tranlate this. I think it might be French, but I am not sure.

    salut j espre k tou vas bien ac toi,comment c t ton exam? j espere kil vas bien passer,mai quand mm prkoi tu m ecrit pas? mai vraiment c difficil k g rien de t as part,quand mm nous etions plus k d amis n est ce pas? en tou can j espere k tous vas bien et merci car tu m as fai lemited profile car j voi rien dan ton face book heheh ...en tou cas bonne chance et j espere k tu n as pas moublier facilment comme si nous etions pas ensemble...bonne chance,,,,, a toute


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    Hi, I hope everything's alright with you, how was your exam? I hope it went well, by the way why don't you write to me? It's really hard because I get nothing from you, I mean we used to be more than friends right? Anyway I hope everything's alright and thank you for having limited my view to your profile because I can't see anything on your Facebook page heheh... Anyway good luck and I hope you didn't forget me that easily, as if we've never been together... Good luck... See you.

    Translating these messages just crack me up! :P

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