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    Sienna said:

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    I have started to write the lyrics of the song "majiti" from cheb Kader but I don't understand all the things he's telling... especially in the end.

    Can somebody would be kind enough to help me write the lyrics?

    Here is the link of the song: (bad quality I am sorry)

    and here is what I have started writting.

    "Tal sabri wenti majiti
    l3abti bya w b7sassi
    Samrat loun 5diti nari
    slabti belly noum may7lali
    skounti kodami w makfak 3dabi
    dima moraya w dima kodami
    7yati monker derti8a bel3ani
    nchkiha l molana l3ali
    tal sabri wenti majiti (majiti, majiti)
    samrat loun 5diti nari (majiti, majiti)
    tal sabri tal sabri (majiti, majiti)
    tal sabri wenti majiti (majiti, majiti)
    7ram 3lik ana nbrghik
    masa5ich 7atta b3inik
    5ayef lmwaj latadik
    .....t el3ab bik

    I also have difficulties with his song sel dem drai especially in the beginning of the song.
    Can somebody help me with that one too ?

    Shukran Shukran Smiling

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    Sienna said:


    Can anyone help?
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    Tahira said:


    I can only open the second link, and its from my first RAI-CD I bought; i love this song. In the booklet it says:

    On hearing your name
    my blood stops to flow
    you are far from my eyes
    but so close to my heart
    I tell myself that it is all over
    But every night you haunt my dreams
    your fire consumes me slowly
    insomnia lengthens my nights
    and ages me premataurely
    have you already forgotten all those moments
    when we made love everywhere
    defyins all prejudices
    Maybe the poet is right
    when he says that certain women
    are to much sugar for one´s heart.

    Maybe this english summary helps you finding out the algerian lyrics.
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    Sienna said:


    Thank you Tahira but actually it just sum up that the singer says. I wanted the words and most of them are clear but not the 1st part

    Thank you for your help though