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    Sienna said:

    Default Y.a.s arabology


    Can somebody translate the song "DA" of Y.A.S (Arabology ?)


    I am also curious to know what it is she say after her counting in the song "get it right"... I know it is Palestinian language meaning "you 12 are all cute" but can't hear the words well...


    Thanks a lot for your help
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    Maviii said:


    Actually this song includes lots of nonsense words
    mean that some words are just to make rhythm but meaningless
    and many bad words too in some lines so forgive me i cannot translate
    nice music beat thou

    i will give you a final conclusion about the meaning of this crazy song:

    she said : whatever happened a boy is his fathers secret
    means a guy is similar to his father/follows his father steps

    other line : she said why don't somebody say a word to this crap guy
    why doesn't someone stops him and his crap doings

    what this crap type..hes nuts...etc)
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    Sienna said:


    Thanks Mavii for your quick reply
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    Sienna said:


    Hey Mavii

    Can you just tell me what she says : sa7 da 7amou el ma8ta 3al abou....