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    mirvee said:

    Cool verb sein

    hi.we are about subject in kurs on Perfekt.haben and sein are important.haben use with a lot of verb.but i want to find who verbs use with sein.if you help to me i will be happy so much.and im sorry for my bad english.
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    let me try to give you some examples:

    You use 'sein' in perfect when something happens for a limited time or if there is a change of condition or location. (I hope you can understand the Turkish things, I'm not so good in Turkish yet )

    Like: Ich bin eingeschlafen - Uykuya daldım - is a change of condition.

    or: Die Blume ist jetzt verblüht. - Çiçek soldu şimdi - is a change of condition too

    or: Ich bin gestern in Istanbul angekommen - Dün Istanbul'a geldim - is a change of location

    I can't really give you a list of verbs that work with 'sein' because there isn't such a thing. Maybe the change of condition/location thing can be helpful. German grammar is unfortunately much more difficult than Turkish grammar and it never follows any rules, which makes it much harder to explain..

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    TheNuttyOne said:


    In the present tense sein is used like to be is used in English.

    sein - to be:

    Ich bin ein Lehrer (I am a teacher)

    Du bist gesund (You are healthy)

    Er/Sie/Es ist klein (He/She/It is small)

    Wir sind in Afrika (We are in Africa)

    Ihr seid dumm (They are dumb)

    Sie sind .... (They are .... )
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    As I learnt it, all the verbs that indicate movement need 'sein' in Perfekt:

    -Ich bin zur Schule gegangen.
    -Er ist mit dem Auto gefahren.
    -Der Zug ist angekommen.

    We use 'sein' also for verbs that indicate change in the subject himself:

    -Meine Oma ist gestorben.
    -Wir sind in München aufgewachsen.
    -Ich bin in Mexiko geboren.

    And some verbs that also need 'sein' are: bleiben, werden, passieren.

    -Die Kinder sind bei ihrer Tante geblieben.
    -Sie ist 50 Jahre alt geworden.
    -Was ist hier passiert?

    I hope it helps
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    friends,thank you .they are the best examples for me. ))