Bjartmar Thordarson - Algjörlega Spillt (Icelandic)

Thread: Bjartmar Thordarson - Algjörlega Spillt (Icelandic)

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  1. asasas said:

    Question Bjartmar Thordarson - Algjörlega Spillt (Icelandic)

    I need an Icelander or someone who knows the language to translate this song please.
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  2. PlainChaos said:


    I wish I could help you, but I don't speak Icelandic and even though it's a bit close to the Scandinavian languages I don't get a word of what he's saying, I couldn't find the lyrics either Hope an Icelander will drop by soon, cause it's a pretty awesome song!
  3. Lazydriver said:


    I dunno if this'll help, but try looking for an Icelandic chat room or forum and ask someone in that room to translate it for you, since you seem to be not having too much luck here.
  4. Lumekuninganna's Avatar

    Lumekuninganna said:


    Hey, I just got this song! I'd like a translation too. I'm having trouble even finding the lyrics printed in Icelandic...

    Google Translate says the title means "Absolutely Corrupt." Have no idea if that's correct...
    Vanad teksad ja kitarr...
    Nad on mul kõik, mida vajan nüüd
  5. Nyckelring1916 said:


    I'd like to know too! It's an awesome song, but so underrated that no one has lyrics to it...I hope an Icelander drops by soon! Or Icelandic speaker or lyrics decipherer...
  6. asasas said:


  7. dragonfly93's Avatar

    dragonfly93 said:


    Oh wow, it's been forever since I've been on here. I also got the translation, "Totally Corrupt" and saw the funniest fail of Google Translate... Someone put it into the comments on the video page. xD But I don't even have the Icelandic lyrics to this...
    Minä olen horjunut, epäilen enemmän kuin ennen
    Mutta halusit ihmisen, sen viat, sen heikkouden