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    Default 'Remember Me' Song


    I am looking for a song that I remember from *years* ago... I think I would've been hearing it on the radio etc around 1998-2002. However for all I know it could'vd been a song from the 60's that they just happened to be playing in 2000.

    The distinctive features of this song, were it's lyrics which consisted mainly of the words 'Remember Me?' repeated over and over again.

    There was some other words, but as I recall they were sung in a very incomprehensible manner.

    I would like to find this song, because I remember I used to really like it. Chances are I'll think it's absolute rubbish if I hear it again now, but none the less I'd like to find it.

    I suddenly remembered about this song, after hearing the song 'Rose Rouge' by St Germain... I suspect these two songs might be by the same artist. However my google searches are not turning up anything.

    Anyhow, if anyone knows the song I'm talking about... pls let me know... It would be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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    it could be sarah mclachlin or lorena mckennit. both had songs with that name at that time and both are great songs

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    Blue Boy - Remember Me. ???

    "Remember me, I'm the one who had your babies." repeated many many times

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    Sweet many thanks josep54... That's the one.

    Lol what a weird song.. I used to have a crazy taste in music.


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    Wink hey

    i was also lookin for this
    it was AwEsOmEEE...thx both of u !!!

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    We too have been searching for this song and its artist. That tune is heavily heavy mon

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    Smile blue....

    isn't it the blueboy?

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