haifa speaking english.. BEAUTIFUL

Thread: haifa speaking english.. BEAUTIFUL

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    Er...7obi you always did like her songs didnt you?
    heheheheh ... well basicaly i downloaded like her whole album... and i found a FEW songs i liked and would listen to over and over. and then recently even songs that initially i didnt like... just grew on me. like bahibek moot.

    i like the way she sings as well u know

    i hope allah guides her and she repents before she dies :/
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    i came back to declare my love for lovely haifa...i've actually grown to even like her songs.
    hihi i thnk i llagree with that...when i started to listen arabic songs first i couldnt stand her and thought she is cheap coz of look..then i searched a bit ..i listened her live performances with ragheb alama,amr mostafa (on a lshow),with fayez ....(forgot his name) guy,and her songs i began to like her